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Although death is inevitable, individuals have long sought to alter the course of the ageing process. Indeed, ageing has proved to be modifiable; by intervening in biological systems, such as.

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Drug-free, non-invasive remedy choices reminiscent of chiropractic care can combat pain and discomfort whereas addressing the basis cause, allowing your physique to.

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men’s sexual health questionnaire In summary, men fantasize while masturbating, and there are common themes in their fantasies. masturbatory fantasies are an indication of sexual health and satisfaction, however, this does not.

If it’s the former it might be a physical problem. If you are on the pill the side effects could be suppressing your libido, so consult your GP about an alternative one. Have a blood test to see.

One of the mysteries surrounding heart disease has been why the number of men affected remains three. be a male version of HRT using natural testosterone, and a new anti-heart-disease pill.

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And, most troubling of all, his libido had settled. testosterone enhancement may be an effective treatment for women with AIDS wasting syndrome, a condition characterized by loss of weight and.

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Each sperm has a lifespan of 70 days from production, so the treatment must be taken for three months before. Does it affect libido? Traditionally male ‘Pills’ have substantially reduced.

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