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We know that when it comes to men's health, men approach health care. issues such as heart disease, mental health, diabetes and sexual/reproductive health.

Men's Health. Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition characterised by an inability to acquire or maintain an erection during sexual.

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A man’s sexual health isn’t just about ensuring that no infections are present. It’s about many things: sexual function, and the role of both the brain and the body in keeping sexual function in a normal, healthy state. Normal sexual function means being able to satisfy both yourself and your partner, although there may also. Continue reading "Mens Sexual Health"

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A Bulk Billed Sexual Health Clinic For Brisbane. Our sexual and reproductive health is a sensitive topic. So it can be difficult to reach out for help, guidance and support when its needed. For that reason, we have worked hard to build a relaxed and supportive environment, where you can feel comfortable. Our sexual health clinic offers:

SmartClinics Doctors are experienced in all areas of sexual health from contraception, to family planning and sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are the result of sexually transmitted infections (stis) that are usually passed from one person to another during vaginal, anal, and oral sex. The infection begins through contact with infected body fluids such as.

Sexual health information and services, no stress, no drama.. Address: Level 6/ 141 Queen St, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000. Service. Men's & Women's Health.

Dr Michael Gillman opened the men's health clinic in Queensland, in 1993. Dr Gillman and Dr Bashir-Elahi are recognised as experts in male sexual health.

Dr Bashir-Elahi has developed a specific interest in men's health.. PDE5 tablets and/or injections, premature ejaculation, and general sexual health issues.

Some of our doctors are specialized in treating men's sexual problems and providing the necessary treatments; we also promise to keep the patient information.

Brisbane Sexual Health Clinic. At Highgate Hill Doctors we define Sexual Health according to the WHO as – “a state of physical, mental and social well-being.

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