Knights Email

Knights Email

Knights email is actually a service hosted by Microsoft which is a giant of the tech industry of the world. Knights email mostly known in the world as the UCF knights email include a suite of the office 365 applications as well and help customers to collaborate among all these apps.

The knights email account is actually the UCF email which is directed and monitored under the email policy of the students.

Knights Email

Knights Email

Free and easy

Creating a knights email account is very easy and the best thing about the account is that it can be used to communicate with your professors and other members of the faculty.

You need to be very careful while choosing a username because that will be visible to the faculty of the university.

Try to choose a decent and catchy username which is easily detectable by the professors.

A login is given to all the students once they have an active account with the knights email. They can use the login screen to get access to their account and perform different activities using the account.

All the users are provided by a user id which is also known as knights id and a password to get access to their account.

This article will explain the instructions to make id of the knights email and how that can help you in your daily life.

What is Knights Email?

As we mentioned earlier as well that it is a special system which is designed by Microsoft especially keeping in mind the needs of the UCF students. The students can benefit from the work of the company and use it for their betterment.

The email provides collaboration services for the student that too free of cost and the best thing is that the service is completely free for all the students of the company.

UCF Knights Email

After successful signing up for the account, the service will help you and serve you as the email account of the University of Central Florida.

After making an account with the knights email you also need to choose an alternate email for yourself. Well, make sure that the alternate email is also registered with the university and in case it isn’t registered, you need to register it first and then provide it for the account opening.

Confirmation about account

When the servers receive your requests for the account opening, you will be sent two emails by the servers, you can call them confirmation emails as well.

The first mail is having the username of the student and the second one contains the temporary account opening password.

Once your account is ready the servers will again send your confirmation and congratulate you on the opening of the account with them.

Once all of it is done, you need to reset the password once again and make sure that you create a very unique password for the security of your account.

It is a good idea to change your password often to keep it safe from the hackers. However, you don’t need to worry about such things because this is a protected server with some of the latest technology measures for your security.

Now we are going to discuss some of the very common queries of the students about the account opening and how to operate their account once it is functional.

How to create an account?

Most of the students are worried about the account opening with the knights email. Well, as you all know this account is needed when you become part of the UCF.

If you are a new student at the university then you need to visit the official portal of the university and there you will find the link to the knights email at the left side of the website.

You have to click on the button of account opening. The option of account opening is also available for all the retired students of the university; they can also click on the button of account opening and get an account from the company.

However, make sure that you have a NID to open an account with the knights email.

There is good news for the alumni’s as well, the knights email is working to provide service to them in the near future. Keep checking because we are going to bring something awesome for you in the very near future.

The details and the requirements for the account opening are mentioned above and you can also check them from the official portal of the UCF knights email.

You can get all the information under the support section of the knights email.

Change the email address in Knights email

Well, the system does not allow you to change the email address. However, this may be possible for some of the students that too in very exceptional cases. Make sure that you have a guanine reason for asking the changes in the account.

It is possible if you have requested for the legal name change somewhere in the country and the university otherwise the email cannot be changed.

Once you change your name legally and then get it registered in the university as well, then you can change the email on the knights email.

Recover an account when a password is lost

Many people are worried about the security of their account and ask questions about how to get their account back when the password is lost or their account is somehow locked by the server.

You need to reset your password to get your account back from the knights email. Now your alternate email will come into the play and help you in this scenario. The new password will be sent to your alternate email.

The new password is randomly sent to the alternate email so the process may take some time. you need to wait for it and get the password back from them.

When you receive the new password from the server, they will ask you to change it once again on your next log in to the account. You can easily get more information about it from the official portal of the knights email.

Additionally, there is another service by the Microsoft which can help the users in resetting their account. This service is known as the self-service password reset service and is also provided to the customers by knights email.

You can get more information about this service from the official website of the knights email.

What happens to the account after graduation?

This is another very common question by most of the graduates that what happens after their graduation? Can they keep the account even after the graduation or not?

Well, the answer may sound very good to some of the users because knights email allows you to keep you mail even after the graduation from the university.

You don’t need to export your contacts and other important information from the email after graduation. It is completely on your behalf whether you want to keep this mail or not.

The account will be available to all the students even after their graduation. You can use it as long as the account remains active.

You need to regularly visit your account to keep them active otherwise they are terminated by the Knights email. An account which is not accessed for 18 months after the graduation is automatically deactivated by the server. Such users are blocked from further login.

Further the accounts which are not logged in for the next three years, they are permanently deleted from the servers.

The applications and the services like SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365 and Skype can be removed at any stage on the directions of the company and you may not be allowed to use them on the same account.

It is advised to all the students to the students that all the important documents are removed after their graduation to keep them safe.

Why do we need to use Knights email?

Knights email is a very secure system by the University of Central Florida to make sure that the students and professors collaborate with each other using the same platform.

The communication and all the collaborations including the services are free for all the students, alumni and the faculty of the university.

When you sign up for an account with the email service, it will be known as your email account with the University of Central Florida.

The accounts are hosted by the Microsoft but the complete control of the email system is with the university and that is why it is also known as the UCF knights email.

The service is used by the University for Consistency and reliability. They are very good at helping the students in their official email communication with each other and with the faculty as well.

All the people using this consider it as their university official mail address.

You can read the policy of the university regarding the email on their official portal.

Retired faculty members can also use this service

There are a lot of retired members out there who want to use the services of this email service to improve their communications.

Well, the service is equally available for the retired members of the faculty as well and they can use it for their own benefits.

They can create an account with the company and access their old account if they had once they were serving.

There is a complete section for the retirees on the UCF service desk. Read more about them from that desk.

Where to sign in?

Many students are not aware of the sign in URL. Well, you can use the following address for signing in to your account.

What if someone has other Microsoft account as well?

There are some cases in which students already has Microsoft account and when they try to put their information into it, it takes them to their old account.

The answer is very simple, the other accounts of the Microsoft are completely different and they are not linked with the UCF knights email account.

For more accuracy don’t forget to choose Work or School account when logging into your knights email account.

Set up the account using a phone

Some students want to set up their account using mobile devices; well this is not an issue these days. They can easily set up an account using their mobile device.

Office 365 provides the option to connect using the mobile device or the personal device to all the users. You can easily connect it with your Android or iPhone or iPod.

Add it to the computer mail client

Some students want to link it to their computers mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook. The general instructions to configure email clients are provided on the office support section. You can also visit the following link and read more about how to add it to the mail client.

The options of SMTP, POP, and IMAP are all provided in the options of the web app of the outlook. There you will find the methods for the connection of the servers.


Knights email is surely one of the most reliable and safe services for the students of the University of Central Florida. The best thing about this service is that they have the option to use the service as long as they feel like.

They can use the service even after they graduate from the university that too free of cost. There are few complications when it comes to the account opening but they have completely explained above.

This guide can help the students and make sure that they can easily open their account with the knights email.

The safe and secure collaboration between the students and the faculty is very important and the UCF knights email is doing the right thing by providing this service to their students.

I hope the article answers most of your queries regarding the account structure of the UCF knights email account.